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P.E.I. men charged after one urinated on neighbour’s car


Two P.E.I. men avoided criminal records after an incident that involved thrown ice, a cracked windshield and one of them urinating on a neighbour’s vehicle.

Connor Don Holmes, 23, and Kevin James Francis Miles, 20, appeared before Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown recently for sentencing after previously pleading guilty to damaging property.

During an appearance in April the court heard both men were caught on surveillance video throwing ice and snow at a vehicle causing a cracked windshield in a dispute over where a neighbour should park.

The court heard Miles also urinated on the neighbour’s vehicle.

Crown attorney Gerald Quinn told the court both men had been drinking that night.

Douglas initially adjourned the matter to give the men a chance to pay $431.25 in restitution for the cracked window and both brought the money with them during their most recent court appearance.

With the payment, Douglas gave each of the men a conditional discharge, which will leave them without criminal records.

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