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Fundraiser established for Scotsburn family who lost barn and horse in fire

Firefighters battle a barn fire in Hardwood Hill.
Firefighters battle a barn fire in Hardwood Hill.

Scotsburn, N.S.

A Go Fund Me page has been started to help a family who lost their barn and a stallion in a fire on Friday, March 1.

Tulach Ard Farm in Scotsburn is owned by the MacKenzie-Baird family. The fire started midmorning on March 1 while the family was away and quickly spready through the entire building sending smoke billowing that could be seen from miles away.

Scotsburn Fire Chief Tim Van Veen said wind and the fact that it was on a hill made the fire spread quickly and was fueled further by hay in the building.

There were 15 horses on the farm at the time of the blaze, but thankfully most were in the pasture. A 16-year-old stallion named Impeccable (AKA Junior) was killed in the fire, however.

Dan Baird said his sister Megan Baird and her partner Greg MacKenzie had bought the farm from his parents and were planning to continue to use it as a Standardbred Horse Nursery. The horses they raised later become harness racers.

The stable that burned included twenty horse stalls along with various pieces of farming equipment and personal belongings. The barn had not been insured at the time of the fire. The displaced horses are temporarily being housed at Sumac Farms.

Dan Baird said friends of the family started the Go Fund Me as a way to help them rebuild though and to alleviate the immediate costs associated with the fire. He said the family is still trying to process everything, but he said he believes their plan will be to rebuild.

The goal for the Go Fund Me page ( is for $50,000.

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