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Earltown prepares to hold Friday farmers' market

A selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.
A selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Friday afternoon tourists, North Shore cottagers and other motorists passing through Earltown this summer may have the option of stopping for fresh vegetables and baked goods.
“We kind of recognized a need,” said David Heatley of Nuttby, one of a handful of organizers planning to establish a Friday farmers’ market at the Earltown Community Hall.
“There’s a lot of traffic comes up the (Highway) 311,” he said.
If all goes according to plan, the Earltown market is to run from 2 to 6 p.m. from the end of May through October.
Heatley said organizers are planning an official opening for the last Friday in May with two unofficial soft openings during the two preceding Fridays.
In the beginning, he said the intent is to keep the product line limited, although that could be expanded in future to craft items and more.
“We’re trying to maintain it to be as food-oriented as possible,” he said, of the concept they are going in with.
And Heatley added early response to the concept has been “fantastic” with some wondering why the idea had not been pursued previously.
Holding the market during the afternoon and early evening period is in an effort to catch the busy summer traffic flowing through the area. Heatley said Friday was chosen because organizers do not want to interfere with markets currently operating in the area.
“We recognize that Truro and Tatamagouche both have farmers’ markets on Saturdays,” he said.
Anyone wanting to register for a spot at the market can email organizers at: .

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