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New bail hearing scheduled for Truro man who escaped from courtroom custody

Provincial courthouse, Truro. HARRY SULLIVAN/TRURO NEWS
Provincial courthouse, Truro. FILE PHOTO

A Truro man involved in a police standoff last week bolted from the courtroom Tuesday afternoon during a hearing to revoke his bail from the previous day.

Colby Smith, 22, was later arrested on Lavinia Drive, after running from police. He was charged with escaping lawful custody and breaching a court recognizance to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

Smith was brought back to provincial court in Truro on Wednesday in ankle shackles and was remanded until Friday.

Smith was arrested on Monday, just hours after being released from custody on a $2,500 surety posted by his girlfriend.

Two of his release conditions included not being in the driver’s seat of a vehicle and to keep the peace and be of good behaviour.

However, shortly after being out on bail, Smith was arrested in the vicinity of a Truro liquor store and charged with operating a motor vehicle while being ordered not to and failing to be of good behaviour.

Tuesday, during the process of setting a new bail hearing for Wednesday morning, however, Smith, who was seated in the courtroom while surrounded by several deputy sheriffs, suddenly raced across between the front of the judge’s bench and the attorneys’ tables, slammed open a fire exit door on the far side of the room and disappeared.

“Call the police,” one sheriff shouted to another, as others tore off in hot pursuit. He was arrested about a half hour later.

Smith was initially arrested last Thursday afternoon, July 4 at a Lavinia Drive residence following a standoff with Truro Police and heavily armed members of the provincial Emergency Response Team.

He is scheduled to appear in provincial court Sept. 4 from that incident to enter pleas on multiple weapons-related charges as well as a charge of taking a motor vehicle without consent, damaging a fire extinguisher in the Truro police cells and two counts of breaching court recognizances. He is also to enter a plea at that time to a charge of assaulting a woman dating to Nov. 16, 2018, in Brookfield.

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