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We Care About Cancer Fund needs community support

TRURO – Offer help one patient at a time.

Darlene Holmes, cancer patient navigator

That is the goal of a local foundation hosting a fundraising campaign to assist people diagnosed with cancer.

“For those in our local community who are falling through the cracks – like the people who don’t qualify for supplements, are single parents, under 65 years old and have huge co-pays or are in between wait times for benefits to come into effect –this fund makes a world of difference,” said Darlene Holmes, cancer patient navigator, in a press release. “Their decision to undergo treatment is made easier because we can help them with gas to get there, or the groceries to keep them fed. They don’t have to choose one over the other.”

Being diagnosed with cancer means a lot of things; travel, medication, fatigue and fear just to name a few. For some who struggle to make ends meet, the diagnosis of cancer also means an added expense that they simply can’t afford.
That’s why the We Care About Cancer Fund was created at the Colchester East Hants Health Centre Foundation - to help those diagnosed with cancer worry less about the financial burden so they can focus on healing. Some of the funds raised from the foundation’s On Course Fore Health golf classic went towards the fund, established in June 2013. The newly designated fund grew out of a scenario that Holmes sees time and time again.

 To move forward with their commitment to provide support they need the support of community donations.

“It’s a great local option for making a donation, and cancer is something that touches us all,” said Sharon Crowe, foundation executive director. “By giving to this fund you’re helping people in your community who, under these circumstances, might have to make the tough choice between whether they get the treatments they need or feed themselves and their family.”

People interested in donating to the We Care About Cancer Fund, may contact the foundation office at (902) 893-5541 or visit


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