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Water main break causing low water pressure in Truro/Bible Hill

Town of Truro
Town of Truro - Submitted

TRURO/BIBLE HILL, N.S. - A broken water main is leaving some residents of Truro and Bible Hill with low or no water pressure.

The Truro Public Works department are currently trying to locate a water main break causing low water pressures in the downtown and Bible Hill areas, and have reached out to major water users to ask them to conserve water.

Crews are still trying to find the actual location of the break, but believe it is in the water main running under the river between Truro and Bible Hill.

The town has shut off water to the suspected water main, and are trying to rebuild pressure and water supply in the system through a secondary main.

Water pressure is expected to return to normal levels sometime today, but as for a fix on the main itself, it may be a while yet.

“It’s hard to say when we will be able to fix it,” said Andrew MacKinnon, Public Works director for Truro.

“The actual pipe repair may have to be delayed until the province allows us to work in the river. Meanwhile, we can leave that pipe shut off, but we still need to find out if that is the break or not. If it is the break, it's just a matter of the system re-establishing itself and the water treatment plant refilling."

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