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Village of Bible Hill officers elected

Bible Hill
Bible Hill - Contributed


Lois MacCormick has been re-elected as chair of the Bible Hill Village Commission for the current year.

During a recent village meeting, a full slate of officers was elected. Donna VanKroonenburg returns as deputy chair and is responsible for parks and recreation services, Mitchell Bell is responsible for environmental services, and Kevin Kennedy for protective services.

MacCormick said that, while approving sections of sidewalk for replacement and upgrade, the commission decided the budget for that area needed to be increase for the upcoming fiscal year.

“We also had concerns regarding our ability to communicate with the residents of Bible Hill,” said MacCormick. “We are looking at increasing our presence in social media to better communicate our services to the residents of our community and our community to the rest of Nova Scotia.”

The budgeting process will begin in November, and residents are encouraged to contact the village office at with

any suggestions they have for projects they feel should be completed.

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