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Undercover Boss episode featuring local VON promotes pride, education


TRURO - Despite watching it for herself, a Valley resident still can't believe her experience on Undercover Boss was real.

Monique Natividad, co-ordinator of the Truro-based VON adult day program, was featured on last week's Undercover Boss on the W Network. The reality TV show showcases senior executives working undercover in their own companies to investigate how their firms really work.

Natividad gathered with about 40 people at Roadside Willies in Bible Hill to watch the episode on Thursday night and was impressed with the final product. Footage for the show was taken last winter.

"I was nervous before watching it," said Natividad, 36. "There were VONs in Ontario featured as well as Truro ... and the whole group with me started clapping when they saw Truro come on. I was really proud."

Natividad believes the experience also helps the community better understand how active the VON is in the community.

"It really cleared up a lot of misconception about what we do, how busy we are and how we go from one program to the next, all in a day," she said.

And, of course, Natividad is thrilled with her reward for participating in the show. She and her husband will receive an expenses-paid week-long Carribbean cruise next month.

"I'm on cloud nine. I was so surprised."

Judith Shamian, CEO of VON Canada, said her visit to Truro as the undercover boss was excellent.

"I was very impressed with the program in Truro. The work the volunteers and staff are doing with the people needing support is just amazing," said Shamian of her first time in Truro.

To watch the Truro-based episode, log onto the W Network and click on last Thursday's episode.


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