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Two young men charged for speeding in Colchester County


Lornevale, NS - Two young men from New Brunswick with charged for driving at excessive speeds in Colchester County on Saturday.

RCMP charged a 22-year-old male, from Moncton, with stunting after his car was recorded to be travelling at 173 km/hr, in a 110 km/hr zone (63 km/hr over the posted speed limit). The man, who had a passenger with him, had his vehicle seized and his licence was suspended for seven days. The fine for stunting is $2,422.50.

A 19-year-old male driver, from Ford Bank, NB, was stopped shortly afterwards for going more than 31 km/hr over the posted speed limit. He was charged with speeding, which carries a fine of $410. his licence was suspended for seven days and he will receive four demerit points.

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