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Two people running for Bible Hill Village Commission seat

Dale McLeod and Knickolle Pitcher are the two candidates running in the Bible Hill Village Commission byelection. Election day is Saturday, August 18.
Dale McLeod and Knickolle Pitcher are the two candidates running in the Bible Hill Village Commission byelection. Election day is Saturday, August 18. - Contributed

Another byelection is being held in Bible Hill.

Two people have put their names forward for the position, which was left vacant after Mitchell Bell resigned from the commission to become the village’s new clerk and treasurer.

The advance poll has been set for Tuesday, August 14, from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Election day is Saturday, August 18 and polls will be open from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Voting takes place at the village office, 67 Pictou Road.

The candidates:

Dale McLeod

Dale McLeod was previously a member of the commission for six years, and found it a fulfilling experience.

“I love the sense of accomplishment you get when you’re successful in completing something that residents want,” he said. “Being on the commission gives you a chance to hear from people and work on what they want.

“I think the highlight from my time on the commission was helping to keep Scotia Pool running. It helps a lot of people because it’s a warm water pool. Some of them come from as far as Tatamagouche and New Glasgow.”

He was involved in improvements to the Bible Hill Recreation Park, and hopes to see more improvements in recreation facilities, as well as sidewalks and drainage.

“I want to hear from people about the things they think are needed, and I’ll try to help them,” he said.

McLeod has been a resident of Bible Hill for about 40 years.

He worked as a power line technician with Nova Scotia Power and then operated and co-owned his own company (McLeod Safety Services) before retiring.

He has volunteered as a coach for children’s ball teams and as a Cub leader.

He and his wife have three children and six grandchildren.

Anyone wishing to contact McLeod can email

Knickolle Pitcher

Knickolle Pitcher feels good things are happening in Bible Hill, and she wants to play a part in making them even better.

“I like to be busy, and I like to feel I’m making a difference and helping people,” she said. “I’d like to become a valued member of the team, which is the commission, and listen to the concerns of constituents and do my best to make good things happen.”

She ran against Mitchell Bell for a commission seat in September 2016, and thought it would a good time to reoffer.

“I know the commission does good work,” she said. “I went to them when I had issues, and they were taken care of.

“I’d like to work on behalf of the people and help make things even more safe and vibrant. I will listen to people and do my best.”

Pitcher has been a resident of the village for 12 years, and is currently working through her own businesses- Yoga with Knickolle and Atlantic Yoga Therapy. She lives with her two teenage sons and her husband.

She encourages people to come out mark their ballot, whoever they decide to vote for.

“Have your say,” she said. “This is our community. If want your community to be better, you must be a voice for it.”

She can be contacted at

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