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Truro woman receives prison sentence for issuing death threats

The provincial court house in Truro.
The provincial court house in Truro. - Harry Sullivan


A 28-year-old Truro woman has been sentenced to two years federal time for issuing death threats to a man and his family.

Samantha Wilma Mae Wallace also previously pled guilty to two counts of breaching her probation terms. One charge was in relation to failing to keep the peace and be of good behaviour while the second breach was for failing to pay a court-ordered restitution to a local business.

Wallace also pled guilty to contacting a person she had been ordered not to communicate with and causing her to fear for her safety, for which she received a 30-day concurrent sentence.

She is to return to court at a later date to answer to a charge of public mischief by reporting that an explosive device had been placed, when in fact it hadn’t.

That charge stems from a Dec. 19 incident when Truro Police Service received a call saying there was a bomb at the provincial court building on Prince Street. Officers determined the call was a hoax.

The incident resulted in a further charge to Wallace that alleges she intended to provoke a state of fear in the general public and to impede the administration of justice by threatening to use violence against a justice system participant.

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