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Truro named finalist in country concert contest

TRURO - Is Truro really a One Horse Town?

Dean Brody arrives at the JUNO Gala dinner in Calgary, Saturday, April 2, 2016.

If the people vote for it, it will be.

Truro is one of six finalists in the Coors Banquet ‘One Horse Town’ contest, which will see the winning community host a country concert this September.

“We did see Truro become one of the top regions across the whole country, and the top region in Atlantic Canada,” said Nicole Wolff, marketing manager for Coors Banquet. “In total, we had 2,261 submissions, and Truro was top for the Atlantic region and in the top five nationally.”

It’s soon going to be up to the public, however, as to which small town across Canada will be named the winner this year. Along with Truro, finalists include Kimberly, B.C.; Vermilion, Alta.; Gimli, Man.; Kenora, Ont.; and St. Jean Port Joli, Que. Online voting opens June 6 and closes at 11:59 p.m. July 4.

The winner will be announced about a week, to a week-and-a-half later, with the concert happening Sept. 16 featuring Dean Brody, Chad Brownlee, and River Town Saints.

“It depends on which town is the finalist, but it will most likely be an outdoor concert,” said Wolff. “When it came to the finalists, we wanted to make sure they all had a suitable concert venue if they were to win.”

This is the second year Coors Banquet hosted the One Horse Town concept, however last year only had two finalists, with Lacombe, Alta., taking the title.

“We really wanted to expand those finalists,” said Wolff. “Coors Banquet has been brewed exclusively in Golden, Colorado, and we take pride that it’s from a small town. We wanted to celebrate other small towns, so created One Horse Town.”

Voting can be done once per day at

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