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Truro Daily News readership on the rise

TRURO – Bucking a national trend, readership numbers at the Truro Daily News are looking very positive.

According to an independent survey conducted last year by the Newspaper Audience Databank Inc. (known as Nadbank) and released yesterday, weekly readership of the Truro Daily News has increased from 17,300 in 2009 to 20,300.

In addition, Saturday readership has remained almost constant – from 12,100 readers in 2009 to   12,000 and digital readership has increase to 5,200 weekly.

The Saturday and digital numbers for the Truro Daily News are tops in the market area.

In addition, the survey also found people prefer to get their news and information from the Truro Daily News over the leading local radio station by a wide margin – 27 per cent to 16 per cent.

Saturday and weekly readership for the Chronicle Herald in Colchester is down from a year ago.


Nadbank conducts research on behalf of member newspapers in Canada. Data is collected through random telephone sampling and presented after statistical analysis.



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