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Stewiacke mom blogging to the world about her love for adopted community

STEWIACKE - She may be a tad soft spoken to qualify as a town crier in the traditional sense.

Shooting pictures of her Stewiacke surroundings, including the water tower that stands behind her home, has become a pleasing pastime for Marg Robins, who has started on online blog to share the beauty and sites she finds within the community.

Armed with the power of social media, however, Marg Robbins can not only speak volumes but she can also deliver her message to a wide audience about the beauty and merits of her adopted home - Stewiacke.

"I'm just a mom with three kids who has a passion for her community, I guess," said Robins, of her reason for starting a visual online blog to share her enthusiasm for the town, its people and all the area has to offer.

Called The Face of Home, Robins said her blog, which she began last January, began as a way to share the images she had been capturing through her camera lens as she explored the community.

"Just because I had accumulated a bunch of pictures of Stewiacke," she said. "I found it interesting taking pictures of landmarks and areas around here.

Robins grew up in London, Ont., before spending some time in Hants County, prior to moving to Stewiacke about four years ago. Before the move, however, she decided to so some research on the community, only to find that the information, especially pictures, was somewhat limited.

"So I thought it would be interesting to give a visual representation and make it look a little bit more appealing," she said.

On her website, Robin's said her blog was created "from a vision of a bright & thriving future for the Town of Stewiacke" and that the project began as a "simple photo-blog sharing the Town's scenic landscapes and historical buildings that are often overlooked."

"The Face of Home continues to grow and share the beauty of our Town," she wrote.

And the reaction from her community has been very positive," Robins said.

"It's been great. "The response from the community has been absolutely wonderful. It's nice to see people become more involved and talking about the community and trying to promote it in a healthy, happy way instead of focusing on the negative," she said. "I think the positivity is coming along a lot better. So it's nice to see."

Robins said it is her motto to try to "focus on the positive," and to see that sentiment being returned has made her project a fulfilling endeavour.

"Just the satisfaction that I am trying to do something good for my community and promote it in a healthy, positive way. Instead of focusing so much on what's wrong, focus on what's right," she said, of the message she is trying to impart to locals and strangers alike.

"I love it here. I just love the community. The people are wonderful."

To check out her blog log on to: or to see Robins's Facebook page go to: .


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