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Robert Pash wins by-election for county’s District 9 councillor’s seat

Bob Pash
Bob Pash

Robert Pash has won the Colchester County municipal by-election for the Debert area with an unofficial tally of 379 votes.

After polling stations closed for the District 9 special election on Saturday, Pash came out ahead of Robert White by a total of 139 votes.

The special by-election for District 9 was called after District 9 councillor Doug MacInnes resigned from council in mid-July after alleging racist remarks were made by two other members of the council.

Pash, who was councillor for District 10 from 1985-88, has said in an earlier interview with Truro Daily News that if he was elected, he would like to tackle some of the issues people have brought up during his campaign, including dealing with the industrial odour in Debert and ridding the area of dangerous and unsightly premises.

He also plans to push the provincial government to put a halt to the long-standing archaeology project that he views as holding up development in the Debert Air Industrial Park.

An unofficial tally after the polls closed showed a total of 619 votes cast, with 379 for Pash and 240 for White.

An official count of all the votes will be released on Tuesday.

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