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Rath Eastlink Community Centre’s deficit expected to increase

TRURO - The Rath Eastlink Community Centre’s deficit appears to be growing.

Previous reports indicated the RECC’s 2014-2015 projected deficit was $721,000. Going into a new fiscal year, which begins in the spring, that deficit appears to be larger.

“All I can tell you is it is running a bit over budget,” Colchester County Mayor Bob Taylor, a member of the RECC’s operating board, confirmed with the Truro Daily News this week.

“I can’t disclose figures yet … the budget is not done yet,” he added, saying perhaps figures would be available in a month or so.

Truro Mayor Bill Mills, another RECC operating board member, also didn’t divulge specific figures.

“I’m not trying to hide (anything); I’m just following protocol,” he said, indicating board chairwoman Farida Gabbani is the spokeswoman for such topics.

Gabbani could not be reached by press time.

Mills expressed frustration regarding confidentiality issues and negativity surrounding the RECC.

“The real issue is breach of confidentially. The board is not trying to hide stuff … cut us a little bit of slack here. We have put it all out on the table and we are grappling with past issues,” such as ice problems, cleanliness, staffing and building-related challenges.

“Yeah, we probably could’ve done (some things) different, but we’re turning a corner I believe,” Mills said, adding the RECC’s finances are “really no different than other” similar facilities across the country.

“We are year two into this. It usually takes about five years,” to get going, Mills said, adding it’s “very demoralizing” when people “point fingers” instead of being part of a solution.

Last week, RECC officials provided an update on the centre’s operations during a joint meeting of town and county councils.

“Both councils gave a thumbs up to continue,” said Mills, who, according to a news release from the RECC,  acknowledged economic spinoffs to the business community need to be measured.

The news release adds Taylor stressed one of the main reasons for the facility was to provide and promote more physical activity opportunities for all ages.

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