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Rath Eastlink Community Centre directors elect new chairman

TRURO - John Kelderman is taking on a new role with the board of directors for the Rath Eastlink Community Centre.

Kelderman, a businessman in Truro, has been on the board of directors since its inception and has been appointed the new chairman of the board.

With Matt Moore taking on the reigns as the new general manager, the board of directors also has some new faces - Dwayne Boudreau and Stephen Johnston will bring marketing and legal expertise to the board.

The focus with the board of directors and staff over the next year will be to develop a strong strategic plan, supported by a researched and realistic business plan to ensure maximum usage and reduce dependency on municipal assistance.

Along with operating a business for 26 years, Kelderman has volunteered with several boards and organizations, acting as president of Nova Scotia Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the Truro Investment Cooperative Ltd. (Marigold Cultural Centre), and director of the Colchester Park Development Society.


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