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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau catches up on the news in Truro

OTTAWA - Bill Casey has been serving double duty recently, both as the area’s MP and as courier.

Cumberland-Colchester MP Bill Casey made sure Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could read the story about Lillie Stewart and the socks she knitted for the PM.

First, he delivered a framed photo of himself and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, as the PM opened a pair of socks knitted especially for him by Lillie Stewart of Truro. The photo was a way of thanking her for the fine gift, and the PM also sent a personal note to Lillie, expressing his appreciation.

Then, on his return to Ottawa, the Cumberland- Colchester MP presented a copy of the newspaper that contained the story on Lillie to the PM.

Almost 93, Lillie has been knitting for many years and her socks have found their way to a number of noted political figures, including Jean Chretien and Casey, himself.

Lillie describes the Prime Minister as having “his mother’s good looks and his father’s political savvy.”

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