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Peppard takes Living Titanic to Belfast

TRURO - It was an opportunity Rosalee Peppard jumped at - to take her Living Titanic to where it all began.

Rosalee Peppard is performing her Living Titanic at the International Titanic Convention in Belfast this weekend. After meeting a delegation from Belfast in Halifax last year, she received an invitation from the Belfast Titanic Society to perform.

Peppard is currently in Belfast for the International Titanic Convention as part of a small delegation of the Titanic Society of Atlantic Canada. She and the society's president have also been asked to speak, and she will also perform her piece after an invitation from the Belfast Titanic Society.

"It is important for me to be here to be sharing an authentic eye-witness voice representing Nova Scotian history from a woman's perspective and to learn from other international Titanic experts," she wrote in a text message from Ireland.

"And it's my first trip to Ireland where the Peppards came from in 1764 - and settled in Great Village 10 years later."

Peppard will present her Living Titanic on Saturday on the SS NOMADIC.

"It's the only White Star Line boat left in the world and worked as Titanic's tender boat," she said. "It was painstakingly restored and is dry-docked beside the new Belfast Titanic museum."

Her memoir tells the story of Atlantic Canada's only survivor - Halifax's Hilda Mary Slayter - and comes complete with couturier costume created by Peppard's sister, Lark.

"I wanted to share Living Titanic because until I created it, our "unsinkable" heroine Hilda was relatively unknown outside of Halifax in the Titanic story. Now, I am proud to say her voice is finally heard internationally."

Peppard said the performance came about after meeting a delegation from Belfast last year when they visited Halifax.

Along with the performance as part of the convention, Peppard has been asked by the museum to join in their commemoration on April 14 - the 103rd anniversary.

She will perform a scene from Living Titanic as Hilda in the lifeboat.

"I will actually replace the actor who, since 2012, has portrayed the unsinkable Molly Brown," Peppard added.

Because the convention will have Titanic experts and delegates from all over the world, Peppard is excited at the chance to learn from them.

"To be here on site where Titanic was born and to be representing our homemade connections is a great honour and thrill," she said.

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