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Pash signs on to run for vacant councillor’s seat

Bob Pash
Bob Pash

TRURO, N.S. - There will be a byelection to replace the vacant Colchester County seat in District 9.

Bob Pash, a former one-term councillor in District 10, has added his name to the ballot for the Oct. 21 byelection in the Debert area.

Bob White, who also served one term on county council in District 9 from 2008-2012, had earlier indicated his intention to also run for the seat recently vacated by Doug MacInnes.

Pash was on council from 1985-88 when municipal terms were for three years as opposed to the current four-year terms.

At age 69, single and with time on his hands, Pash said he was running for council in an effort to lend some of the experience he has gained over the years as a self-employed businessman.

The lifelong Debert resident operates an automotive salvage/repair business and also sells used vehicles.

“I have nothing much to do at nights other than play crib and work (at) the legion,” he said, of the Royal Canadian Legion in Debert where he has served as president for the past four years.

“The legion is my passion, I guess, right now,” he said. “I am very economical,” Pash added, of the fact that he has helped lead the legion away from the “brink of disaster” during his time at the helm.

“I didn’t do it all myself, I led it. I told them if you are going to survive, this is what you have to do.”

Some of the top-of-mind issues that residents have been talking to Pash about in his door-to-door campaign that he would address if elected, he said, include dealing with the industrial odour in Debert, working to rid the area of dangerous and unsightly premises and pushing the provincial government to put a halt to the long-standing archeology project that he views as holding up development in the Debert Air Industrial Park.

“Is there not a limit?” he said, of that project. “I’m not afraid to speak my voice.”

Pash describes himself as “down-to-earth guy” who has admittedly made mistakes in his life, but for which he has done everything he could to correct them.

“I’m sorry for it, I can’t change that and since then I’ve become a Christian,” he said, of past issues.

“I can’t say I’m a cure-all. Nobody is,” Pash said. But he is approachable and, if elected, would work to the “best of my ability” to address constituent concerns.

Polling stations for the election are at the administration building in the Debert business park, 439 MacElmon Rd., the Onslow/Belmont Fire Hall, Highway 2, Onslow, and at Debert Court, 16, Dakota Rd.

The advance poll is slated for Oct. 14 and 17 at the administration building in the business park. District 9 includes the areas of East Folly Mountain, Debert, Lower Onslow, Central Onslow, Crowes Mills, Belmont, and Moose River.

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