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No serious bus delays for local school board

TRURO - The spokesperson for the local school board would have been surprised if no school busses got stuck in snowdrifts on Monday.

Debbie Buott-Matheson, communications spokeswoman for the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board, said she had no doubts a bus or two would have gotten stuck.

"But if a bus were stuck for a lengthy period of time, I would have heard about it," she said.

When a bus does get stuck, Buott-Matheson said there is a process that's involved. The driver will try to get the bus out his or herself, but if the attempt is futile, help is called in.

"The driver would call the garage and a tow truck would be dispatched," she said, adding an additional bus could be dispatched to the site if students were already on the bus.

Since she wasn't made aware of any of those situations this morning, Buott-Matheson doesn't think there were any serious delays.

"But I can't imagine there wouldn't have been a bus stuck for a short period," she said.

When it came to closing school Monday morning, Cumberland County students saw a cancellation while the rest of the board still had to go to class.

"We go with the reports from the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, and our people on the ground," Buott-Matheson said. "And we knew that Cumberland County got a heck of a lot more snow than the other areas, which is what it's based on as well."

That didn't sit well with some people on Twitter, who wanted school cancelled because sidewalks weren't plowed.

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