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New mission pastor in Truro intends to reach out to congregation, local community

TRURO – Tammy Giffen has great plans for Truro.

Tammy Giffen is the new mission pastor at Immanuel Baptist Church in Truro. Giffen is getting to know organizations and individuals in town and hopes to help meet some of the community’s many needs. Monique Chiasson – Truro Daily News

Giffen is the new pastor of mission at Immanuel Baptist Church in Truro. Her role, Giffen said, is to not only assist in her church’s projects, but reach out to the community as a whole as well.

“I’m very passionate about seeing the church being out in the community and partnering with others and filling the gaps in the community,” said Giffen, 40, a Milford resident who commutes to Truro.

There’s much work to do and although Giffen is still getting to know people in the area, meeting representatives with various organizations and continuing to identify needs in the community, there is one theme she hopes to immediately clarify.

“There’s an idea that mission (work) is all away and all financial. But, really, missions exist in our backyard … our workplaces, schools and neighbourhoods,” she said. “There is such great need out there. We have to look at breaking down barriers … what I’ve seen so far is there are lots of wonderful organizations but because of a lack of volunteers, they are stretched to meet the needs of people, so there’s potential for more partnerships.”

Giffen said another part of her job is not only to get involved helping the needs of the community but also to assist others in the church to do the same.

“There are a lot of good organizations doing a lot of good things but having enough people to help fill the need is massive and in the church people want to help and be involved in the community,” Giffen said, “but they don’t always know how or what to focus on so this will be an opportunity for people to get plugged in.”

Giffen said she’s interested in “any ideas and conversations” people may want to share with her. She can be contacted at


Twitter: tdnMonique



Who: Tammy Giffen

Age: 40

Job: Pastor of mission at Immanuel Baptist Church, Truro

Husband: Peter

Children: Taylor, Wesley and Mya

Hobbies – Music, photography and spending time with family


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