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New minister embracing church, community needs

TRURO – Two local churches have new leadership. 

Rev. Dr. Dave Sutherland is settling in nicely as the new minister of St. James and St. Paul’s Presbyterian churches in Truro and Lower Truro. Sutherland has 37 years of ministry experience and looks forward to assisting with the churches and community needs. Monique Chiasson – Truro Daily News

Rev. Dr. Dave Sutherland is the new minister at St. James Presbyterian Church in Truro and St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Lower Truro. The former moderator of the 139th general assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, who represented the denomination both nationally and internationally, has partner-centred goals for his new churches and the broader community.

“I’m getting acquainted with the church and community. I want to know what their vision is. I’m a team player so I’ll decide with the church” what projects to take on first, Sutherland, 62, who was born in New Glasgow and grew up in Sydney, said.

“I’m open to receive feedback and hear what people have been exploring.”

Sutherland got settled into the area earlier this month and said people have been very accepting of him.

“The body is glad … and I think they appreciate there will be consistency and lots of experience,” with his arrival, said Sutherland, who has 37 years in the ministry and was previously at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in St. John’s, Nfld.

Sutherland has an interim position with the churches for up to three years. He officially replaces Dr. Brian Ross, who retired a few years ago. The churches have relied on numerous guest preachers and temporary preachers since Ross retired.

Having a minister who is associated with the churches in a more long-term position is very important, said Sutherland.

“It gives comfort, a good foundation and helps with the churches’ needs.”

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