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National Citizens Alliance rally scheduled for Truro Civic Square

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Truro is one of the Nova Scotia locations where the National Citizens Alliance (NCA) plans to hold a rally this month.

The event is scheduled for Thursday, June 27 from 7-9 p.m. at the Truro Civic Square.

The Town of Truro has released a statement to inform residents about the rally, saying, “

While the group has not applied for approval to use the Civic Square in accordance with Town policy, we are aware that the rally is still scheduled to proceed. This is not a Town-sponsored or supported event, and the Town does not support the NCA or condone its views.”

The NCA Facebook page says the event will include presentation by NCA representatives, including party leader Stephen Garvey.

Garvey, through email, said, "The National Citizens Alliance notified the Town of Truro of its rally at the Civic Square and submitted an application. In addition, we informed the Town that the Canadian Charter overrides the Town's bylaws when it comes to peaceful assembly and free speech."

The National Citizens Alliance of Canada is a registered political party with headquarters in Calgary.

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