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‘Mr. Truro Daily News’ Bruce Pearson passes

Bruce Pearson
Bruce Pearson

TRURO, N.S. - The man widely known for decades in Colchester County as the face of the Truro Daily News has passed away.

Bruce Pearson, a former advertising manager with the newspaper, died Friday. He was 66.

“Bruce was often the face of The Truro Daily News in the community, from food drives to Christmas parades, to chairing the Children's Aid Society and other agencies,” said Richard Russell, who worked with Pearson as publisher of the newspaper.

“Bruce approached his job with enthusiasm and dedication. He was the first one in the door every morning, always delivering on time and on target.”

Pearson wrapped up a 41-year career in the newspaper industry – all of them with the Truro Daily News – just over two years ago when he retired.

Born and raised in Truro, he started in the business at the age of 11, as a newspaper delivery boy. While a high school student, his summers were spent at the newspaper office, where he was introduced to various tasks in the circulation department, with the pressroom and later, with the advertising department.

“I got to know the business from the bottom up, from sweeping the floors to helping manage the business, I guess,” Pearson was quoted as saying at the time of his retirement.

A couple of years out of high school, Pearson officially became a full-time employee with the Truro Daily News in 1974, as an advertising representative. He became manager of the department in 1986.

His role at the paper also led to a great deal of involvement in the community.

“Bruce could be counted on to lend a hand or take a leadership role,” Russell said.

He served with various organizations, including the local chamber of commerce, Kinsmen, Rotary Club, Children's Aid Society and others.

He was also heavily involved in fastball in a number of ways for more than 30 years, from volunteering with the league to coaching.

Reminiscing about his career a few years ago when he retired, it was obvious Pearson left the industry a satisfied man.

“I wouldn’t have changed my career for the world,” he said. “When I was in high school, if you see my yearbook, it asks what I would like to do, and I said I would like to get into advertising.

“I was lucky enough to get into it and I stayed with it as a career for 40 years.

“I grew up with the Truro Daily News, I guess is the best way to put it. I’m growing old with the Truro Daily News.”

Pearson leaves his wife, Patti, and their family.

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