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Lots to do for the older generation, say area businesses and services

TRURO - Learning more about the community has made Roger Stevens feel valued and a part of the area.

Bible Hill's Diane MacKenzie, right, gets information on medic alert and security from Martha MacQuarrie of Alarm Advantage Security Systems on Sunday afternoon. The exhibit, promoting a provincewide security system, was one of many services and businesses featured at a Fifty Plus Changing Lifestyles Showcase. Monique Chiasson - Truro Daily News

The 52-year-old Salmon River resident attended the Fifty Plus Changing Lifestyles Showcase that was held at the Truro Golf Club on Sunday afternoon. The event was an

introduction of businesses and services for the older generation to educate them on what's available locally.

Stevens said the event was educational and inspiring.

"I knew there were some things available for older people to do, but I learned about a lot of activities," said Stevens.

"This also tells seniors there's no reason when you retire to sit home bored ... and it tells them no matter what age you are people care for you."

About a dozen exhibits, including banking, hearing assistance, home security, jewellery and fitness, and some presentations were featured at the event.

Bible Hill's Diane MacKenzie, 64, was pleased with the event. She went in believing there wasn't much for the older generation locally, but left with a different opinion.

"It's great. We need more of these events," said MacKenzie, adding the gathering offered her a sense of peace.

"I didn't know some of the things that are here - like fitness and medic alert - and I'm glad we don't have to worry where to go or need to go out of Truro to get things."

And while the event only drew about 30 people, exhibitors were pleased to educate those in attendance about the diversity of local services.

Jason Davis, of Flexion Performance Training, which partners with the Town of Truro to offer the Forever Young Active Again Program, said the event provided worthwhile education.

"Education is vital ... to help with maintenance of independence and health and wellness," said Davis, adding the training program offers information about bone health, balance and cardiovascular health, to name a few.

"It's also good to target the older demographic because it's often missed ... there are lots of youth (events) and sports."

Lisa Matthews, with Truro's Welcome Wagon, which hosted the event, hoped it would dispel some myths.

"Lots of (older people) don't know what's available here and some think these things, like fitness, are only for young people," said Matthews. "This will help in planning for the future and make them feel special."

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