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Local school board to implement head lice policy


TRURO - The Chignecto-Central Regional School Board is one step closer to drafting a head lice policy for its schools.

Currently, CCRSB does not have a policy and schools deal with the situation on individual basis using varying guidelines to deal with live head lice or nits. A directive in the winter was given by chief public health officer Dr. Robert Strang to the province's school boards to review their no-nit head lice policies.

CCRSB recently drafted a policy and sent it to a number of principals to review and recommend input. A draft policy includes specifications such as notifying parents/guardians when the child is suspected of having lice or nits; students suspected of having live lice will be sent home for treatment while those suspected of having nits may remain at school. It also indicates students with head lice may return to school after the first treatment of nits is completed.

School board superintendent Gary Clarke told the Truro Daily News this week there are no "substantial" changes expected within CCRSB.

"With nits, it can be treated and students do not have to go home. (Dr.) Strang is encouraging that people can be treated and stay in school," said Clarke. "The majority of schools do this and children lose less time, keep up with school work and there's a human factor in keeping them in school so that they feel good about themselves."

The topic will be discussed and voted on at upcoming school board meeting.


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