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Local retirement village celebrates 25 years


When the Wynn Park Residential Association celebrated its 25th anniversary recently, former United Church minister Bob Latimer was instrumental in the planning.

"The celebration went great," said Latimer, now a 10-year resident of Wynn Park Retirement Village in Truro. "The enthusiasm of the people who came out was wonderful."

Latimer, 84, said it was a good day for the retirement village and nearly half of the association's 63 members participated.

"It was nice to have Ernie Mayhue and his wife Mildred attend," he said. "Ernie is getting up in age, he was a resident of the very first house in the park."

It was 2002 that Latimer and his wife Sadie settled into a duplex at Wynn Park and he once served as president of the residential association.

"I'm enjoying just being an ordinary Joe (now)," he said. "I've been active in a number of ways over the years and I'm still willing to help out where I can."

Latimer delighted those in attendance as he made a presentation outlining the history of McClures Mills, early area land owners, retirement village beginnings and formation of the residential association in 1990 with annual highlights included.

"There has been major structural change since my wife and I moved into the park," he said. "There were quite a few vacant lots at that time but these days we are at a total capacity. There are now 25 duplex buildings constituting 50 units."

Latimer described a three-storey apartment building, which is located in the park.

"There are 32 apartments," he said. "We also have the Wynn Park Villa. Its extended care facility contains 60 beds. We have a short walking trail in the park that connects Wellington Court and Windsor Way."

Following his presentation, Latimer presented certificates of appreciation to Doug and Ruby MacKay, Jim Boyle, Louise Boyle, Bill Boyle and Della Boyle.

"Doug looks after fixing any of the lights that go out," he said. "He also does a great job as our Colchester Food Bank co-ordinator.

"Ruby is amazing as the secretary-treasurer of our association. She plays a big part in the lives of people in our retirement community."

The Boyles, operators of Wynn Park, were recognized for their foresight and faith in carrying the retirement village project from its early stage to where it now is and for their generosity and support in providing numerous facilities and equipment for association activities.

"I've been told that Wynn Park is one of Truro's best-kept secrets," said Ruby. "Moving to the park in 2001 has been a good experience for Doug and I. Being involved with the Wynn Park Residential Association almost since day one has also been a good thing."

Ruby, the association's secretary-treasurer, noted the many donations made by Wynn Park in 2011.

In total, 1,189 pounds of food and $2,700 was given to Colchester Food Bank. The Heart and Stroke Foundation received $1,135 and $330 was donated to the Colchester Regional Hospital Foundation.

The Wynn Park Residential Association recently named Jane Campbell as its new president.

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