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Local farmers working together to help end hunger

STEWIACKE – A number of local farmers are working together on a special project with the desire to help end hunger. 

Local farmers and Canadian Foodgrains Bank are working hand-in-hand to help alleviate hunger. From left, Ian MacHattie, Andrew Nielsen and Brenda  Leenders were among a number of people, mostly farmers, who recently came together to begin a community project for the less fortunate. Submitted photo

Colchester County farmers recently gathered just outside of Stewiacke, at the farm of Steven and Roy Nielson, to officially begin the Below Sea Level Community Project.

Collectively, the farmers are donating 20 acres of land and growing a corn crop, which will be harvested. It’s expected the initiative could be worth about $12,000 and harvest 160,000 lbs. of corn.

“We grow our food and we have an abundance in Canada. They found this is a good way to give back,” said Ian MacHattie, a provincial co-ordinator with Canadian Foodgrains Bank, in a news release.

All the proceeds of the effort will go to Canadian Foodgrains Bank to help in Canada’s commitment to feed the hungry worldwide.

So far, according to the release, all the work, planting, harvesting, seed spray and land rental has been donated.

“We are only shy about $3,000 … the money needed to buy fertilizer,” said the release.

To help the cause, contact MacHattie through email at or his wife, Brenda Leenders, at

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank has more than 300 similar ‘growing projects’ across Canada. 



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