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Local chamber says community support needed for RECC

TRURO – The president of the Truro and Colchester Chamber of Commerce is concerned that criticism of management at the Rath Eastlink Community Centre overshadows the merits of the facility.

The Rath Eastlink Community Centre is predicting an operating shortfall just shy of $1 million for the current fiscal year. Last year's deficit was $972,918.

Andrew Lake, speaking after recent deficit projections presented to Truro and Colchester County councils, says the RECC is a valuable asset, which needs support from the community.

“… the departure of the general manager has raised questions about the management of the facility,” says Lake. “But the RECC board remains committed to addressing the financial and management challenges the facility has faced.  It’s easy and sometimes natural to bring about criticism. However, it’s time to reflect on the value that the RECC brings to the community.”

Last December, general manager Jim Lambert resigned from his position. On Tuesday, Truro and Colchester County councils heard the facility’s projected budget for 2015/16 has been set at $955,510.

Lake says more tolerance is needed while the board works to bring sustainable solutions to the financial and management issues the facility has faced.

“It’s time to stop the finger pointing and let’s get everyone on board,” says Lake. “This is a valuable facility that puts us on the map. Let’s recognize that.”

Lake added the region benefits from RECC events such as the nationally televised Masters Grand Slam of Curling, which will be played at the facility in the fall.

He also pointed to last week’s Colchester County Home Show, which attracted about 4,000 people, and the recently sold-out Harlem Globetrotters game. Sammy Kershaw and Jann Arden will take the RECC stage in the coming weeks.

“These events generate remarkable economic activity to the region, with restaurants, hotels and retailers flourishing.”

A recent swim meet hosted by the RECC in December drew 300 participants, and spending at local businesses totalled $137,000.

Lake says beyond the economic activity, the RECC contributes to the social fabric of the community. 

“The RECC, along with the new hospital, represent valuable assets used to attract professionals and their families to the area,” he explains. “The walking track at the RECC has further provided a social atmosphere, inspiring the community to embrace health and wellness.”




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