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Local bridge players celebrate 50 years as a club

UPDATED AT 3:20 P.M.  TRURO - The Truro Duplicatte Bridge Club celebrated a special milestone on Saturday.

Dot Cameron, left, Lois Smith and Mary Stevenson, all Truro residents, were thrilled to participate in the 50th anniversary of the Truro Duplicate Bridge Club on Saturday. More than 60 people gathered to play cards and reminisce about the club's longevity. Monique Chiasson - Truro Daily News

TRURO – Lois Smith looks fondly back on what she describes as a ‘scary’ moment 50 years ago.

Smith, a Dartmouth resident who spent 50 years in Truro and returned to town on Saturday for the 50th anniversary of the Truro Duplicate Bridge Club, is one of four charter members of the group.

“The first time was scary.  I was just nervous and playing with people I didn’t know and playing with some who were probably better than you,” recalled Smith, 78, of the club’s beginning.

“It’s been great for friendships and keeps the brain active.”

Truro resident Mary Stevenson, 81, another charter member, said it’s easy to get “addicted” to the game and the group has been a blessing.

“If I didn’t have bridge I don’t know what I’d do,” said Stevenson during a quick break in between games at the Truro Lions Club on Saturday. More than 60 people participated in the anniversary gathering on the weekend.

The growth of the club has been impressive as well, said Stevenson.  In fact, when the club held its first game at the Stonehouse Motel in Truro on Jan. 7, 1963, membership was limited to 200 people because of the huge demand. There’s now about 100 members.

Charter member Dot Cameron, 78, of Truro added the club is “an extended family” and has experienced some significant changes throughout the years.

“The score used to be written down on a blackboard and it was exciting to look up and see it. Now there’s an automatic computer showing us the scores,” Cameron said.

“And now there’s a bid box but then you said your bid out loud.”

Stevenson said the bid box is definitely an improvement, especially for people with disabilities or hearing impairments.

The fourth charter member, Truro’s Carolyn MacDonald, was unable to make the weekend festivities.

Club director Bob Dorland said the group has stood the test of time because of the enjoyment the participants get from it.

“Seniors compete at a high level that keeps them (engaged) and their brain sharp,” Dorland said.

The group meets three times a week, with an average of 40 players each time. For more on the local club, log onto

Twitter: tdnMonique


More than 60 people gathered at the Truro Lions Club to play the card game and recall 50 years of the club in Truro. 

Three of the four charter members were present, including Truro's Lois Smith, Dot Cameron and Mary Stevenson. 

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