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Local author eyeing bullying book, online funding campaign

TRURO - A local author is hoping the community will want to get in on his new book.

Chad Norman

Chad Norman has turned to Indiegogo, an online crowd funding website, to help publish a children's book on bullying.

"It's been a long time when I had last gone topical with a book, or relevant to what's going on out there," said Norman. "But I can't believe bullying is still such a problem. No question, when I was in school it was a huge problem and it was always dealt with then in a way having to do with violence. That seemed to be acceptable and that seemed to be OK. But today, that's not accepted."

The author was recently reminded of that fact when he had the opportunity to read to about 65 students from grades primary to three at the Yarmouth library.

"They are the perfect age to talk to about bullying," he said. "The wonder in their eyes is always so pleasing and their imaginations are still willing to be filled up."

Norman's new book, Waking Up On The Wrong Side of the Sky, will feature a tiny snow cloud by the name of Chide who just wants to give snow to those below as they've been cooped up inside while it rains. But Rove, a big rain cloud, has other plans and doesn't want to share the sky.

"All this is happening while the sun is in bed," said Norman, adding his intention following the publication of the book is to read it in schools.

"After I read my poem at the Yarmouth library, the children were so quick to tell me about the programs at their school and what they do regarding bullying. It's marvelous. I knew I would be tapping into something that has great momentum already."

Norman's Indiegogo campaign has a goal of $1,500, and it runs until Dec. 2.

"I want to let Truro in, and I want them to know what is happening out there," he said. "It's an exciting opportunity now for writers. They can go to these websites and put their ideas down, accompany those ideas with a video and the whole world can see it."

He said if an author wanted to let others know previously what they were working on, it was more of a verbal thing and the outreach was very limited. With these campaigns, however, "it's incredible what you can do now."

If his campaign is successful, local artist Bruce Wood is set to illustrate the book, and Atlantic Systematic Envelopes Ltd. in Bible Hill would be the print company. He's hoping to have the book published by May.

For more information or to help fund the book, visit For those who wish to contribute but prefer not to do it online, Norman can be contacted by emailing

Twitter: @TDNRaissa


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