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Inside 'They always had a great respect for community, even when we were teens!'

TRURO – Here are some of the stories readers have been following and discussing on this week.

A photo of Const. Catherine Campbell is surrounded by flowers that have been delivered to the Truro Police Service since her homicide. The display is in the main walkway at the police station, keeping an eye on her co-workers.



Re: ‘Qualified labour key to growth, says local farmer


“After six years as the local MP, Scott Armstrong seems to have discovered that agriculture is a driving force here in Cumberland-Colchester. I cannot remember him reaching out to the farm community before, or speaking on behalf of farm families locally or in the legislature (parliament). I find this last minute, pre-election meeting with Ritz rather amusing, validated by the “handful” of local farm producers in attendance. It is telling that the Federal Agriculture Minister and local MP couldn’t attract interest from the local farm community that has cried out for a decade to the Harper government for attention.”

Graham Johnston


Re: ‘Drone spotted in Bible Hill raises safety, privacy concerns


“I personally own a professional-class drone with still and motion shot capabilities. I have always been of the opinion that there should be an easy way to identify these machines. I typically operate mine in close range and most are aware that it’s mine and what’s going on when I do. A drone being so close to a school at dismissal time, or any time for that matter, sets off all types of alarms in my mind. I think this is a matter for deep concern.”



Re: ‘Local musicians, arts council up for Music Nova Scotia awards


“Since I married my husband and moved to his home in Five Islands, I enjoy your paper each week. I especially like the attention given to local artists. My husband, Andy LeBlanc, has his own band and plays in the area weekly. Also, Alana Yorke, featured this week, is his cousin. Thank you for your support of the community, young and old. There is true talent all around us!”

– Kelly LeBlanc


Re: ‘The Bald Boys are back


“Well, I would say this from first-hand knowledge – the United Way has got a couple of the best darn men around these parts on their side. Remember folks, to support the United Way. I do. You can’t ask for better fellas to promote. They always had a great respect for community, even when we were teens! And don’t forget, go to Inglis, where the real diamonds are.”

– mike maloney


Re: ‘Effort to create ambitious master plan for Palliser property initiated by county


“I have always thought that this would be a great place to do something with. It would be a good place for locals to sell their crafts, too. I look forward to seeing what they come up with.”

Karen Porter



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-      Truro Police Service constable missing: Published online on Sept 14: The Halifax Regional Police began a missing persons investigation after the Truro Police Service called about their constable, Catherine Campbell, failing to report to duty the morning of Sept. 14. Living in Dartmouth at the time, the Halifax police checked her home where Campbell was not found, and opened an investigation into her whereabouts. In the beginning, foul play was not suspected, however just over 24 hours after the investigation began it turned into a homicide investigation.

-      Catherine Campbell “gone home to be with the angels”: Published online on Sept. 16: Amy Campbell Garneau, sister to Truro Police Service Const. Catherine Campbell, confirmed to followers of a Facebook group that her sister’s remains had been found. “My sister has gone home to be with the angels,” she wrote, just two days after the 36-year-old constable was reported missing.

-      Drone spotted in Bible Hill raises safety, privacy concerns: Published online on Sept. 18: A Bible Hill woman feels “violated” after a drone outside her home followed her as she went to her deck. Nattie Turner had been outside waiting for her children to get home from school when she heard a buzzing noise. Turner said she’s worried about her safety and privacy, and has since contacted the Colchester RCMP.

-      Murder charge laid in constable’s death: Published online on Sept. 17: Police in Halifax laid a second-degree murder charge Thursday against Christopher Calvin Garnier, 27, in the death of Truro Police Service Const. Catherine Campbell. The Halifax man is also charged with indecently interfering with a death human body.

-      Police treating Campbell’s death as homicide: Published online on Sept. 16: Halifax Regional Police had a 27-year-old man in custody for questioning in relation to their case on Truro Police Service Const. Catherine Campbell’s case, which they were treating as a homicide. Her remains were found early Sept. 16, and an hour later the man was in custody. He was charged with second-degree murder.


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