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Indoor commercial farm to offer fresh locally grown produce year round

BIBLE HILL – A building in Perennia Park will soon be converted into one of North America’s largest indoor multi-level growing facilities.

GoodLeaf Community Farms Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture Ltd., is spearheading the project. Fowler Construction Services Ltd. has been awarded the contract and will begin construction of its first farm in Bible Hill this month. 

The farm will have the ability to grow hundreds of thousands of pounds of fresh greens and herbs annually without the use of pesticides.

“We are extremely excited and thrilled to begin construction of our first commercial farm in Bible Hill this summer,” said Gregg Curwin, president and CEO of GoodLeaf Farms, in a news release. “Consumers are demanding local, fresh and clean produce, and we’re going to bring that to the market by this fall. We will deliver a culinary experience like no other.”

GoodLeaf Farms has secured a deal with a national grocery retailer to offer a wide range of leafy-green products. Additionally, GoodLeaf will be selling its greens to institutions and healthcare providers in the Atlantic region.

“Our products will be sold at a price comparable to California-organic, but grown in our region, year-round,” said Curwin. “It’s great for us to be able to contribute to the physical and economic health of the region, and become a national leader in leafy-green production.”

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