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Huskies team up to better their community

BIBLE HILL – Bible Hill Junior High students are giving back to the community through a new initiative, 100 Huskies Who Care.

Student members of a sub-committee helping organize 100 Huskies Who Care at Bible Hill Junior High are, from left, Jay Mosher, Don Miguel Romero, Hayley Haner, Rachel Tooker and Lauren Farrell.

Inspired by the 100 Women Who Care program, students and guidance counsellor Lisa MacNutt decided to form a group that would provide financial assistance to community organizations.

“I got involved because I like helping people,” said Don Miguel Romero. “Whatever I do as a career I want to be involved with the community. At the age we are now, there are more things open to us so there is more responsibility.”

The students hope the program will provide people with a positive image of teens while helping those around them. They have already been active in church groups and student council and are enthusiastic about their new program.

“I like the fact that we have a say in where the money is going,” said Lauren Farrell. “It’s also nice that we’re not only raising money to help different organizations with this but it’s bringing the school together.”

Jay Mosher said he likes the fact that he can have positive effects on other people’s lives.

There is also hope that what they are doing will encourage more young people to get involved in the community.

“I think others will see what we’re doing and want to help in some way, too,” said Rachel Tooker. “Fundraising will help make us more responsible.”

Principal David Hazelton believes the program will also benefit students by providing them with an opportunity to use critical thinking skills.

“I hope everything goes well so that next year it will continue,” said Hayley Haner. “It’s nice to be able to help.”

Those participating in the program will gather three times per year for one hour. They bring $20 per person or team (up to four students per team). After listening to five-minute presentations from three local non-profit organizations, they will vote on which group they feel should receive a donation. The one with the most votes will be presented with at least $500.

Lisa MacNutt says any non-profit community group wishing to be nominated to make a presentation can contact her at


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