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Electrical panel explodes at Willow Street business

TRURO – No one was hurt when an electrical panel exploded at Northeast Nutrition in Truro on Monday afternoon.

Truro Fire Service, EHS and Nova Scotia Power were on scene at Northeast Nutrition on Monday afternoon after an electrical panel explosion occurred at the Willow Street business.

Truro Fire Service responded to a call at the business at 494 Willow St. at about 3:30 p.m.

“Right now all the power is shut off and there’s some light smoke in the building and a couple of little spot fires we’re trying to get at to put out,” Truro fire chief Blois Currie said at the scene. “But at this time there’s nobody hurt or there’s no major danger of anything else at this point in time.”

Also responding were Nova Scotia Power, a local electric company and EHS.

“EHS was brought because there was smoke, so some people took in a little smoke, but they’re all fine,” said Currie.

Damage was limited to the business’s electrical room, and the cause of the explosion hasn’t yet been determined.

“It could be anything at all – a short, a power boost, anything,” Currie said. “Until we get in to look at it and investigate it we wouldn’t know.”

While on the scene, Truro firefighters received a call to respond to a possible structure fire at an apartment complex at 102 Kaulback St., however, it turned out to be a pot on a stove that had boiled over.

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