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Downed power lines cause temporary closure of Truro-Bible Hill bridge

Truro-Bible Hill bridge
Truro-Bible Hill bridge - Lynn Curwin


The bridge joining Truro and Bible Hill, via Main and Walker Streets, was closed for a couple of hours Thursday evening after downed power lines electrified it.

Truro Fire Chief Blois Currie reported that wires came down on the bridge around 5:45 and the area was closed to traffic for about two hours, until Nova Scotia Power completed repairs. He said it was a supply line that had contacted the metal structure, so there was a large amount of electricity and sparks could be seen. Contact with the metal could have caused serious injury or death.

The strong winds resulted in several trees coming down on power lines, and lines arcing, resulting in Truro firefighters being called out about 12 times.

People are reminded to be cautious around any downed wires, and call Nova Scotia Power, firefighters and police when appropriate.

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