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Digby fisherman wins jumbo lobster contest with 19.6 pounder


John Morehouse won the Lobster Bash Jumbo Lobster contest at the Fundy Dockside on Friday, July 4 with a 19.6 pound behemoth caught just the day before on the Rip ‘n’ Tear.

Morehouse beat out two other lobsters at the weigh in on Friday night, the first night of the second annual Lobster Bash in Digby.

Morehouse’s lobster, caught aboard the Rip’n’Tear just the day before, was in the trap with another 15-pounder.

Chester Richard of the Fundy Mariner had to settle for second this year after winning the inaugural contest last year with a 16.85-pound lobster.

This year Richard caught a 19.2-pound lobster.

Jason Melanson also entered for the second year in a row and, like last year, came third. This year’s lobster weighed 16.2 pounds.

Dean Kenley sponsors the event and awards a $350 cash prize for first place plus a $350 package of gift certificates for accommodation and food at the Fundy Complex.

For more information on the Lobster Bash, check out or the Lobster Bash Facebook page.

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