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Colchester: Therapeutic riding, a dragon, a dig and a dog

Dot - Contributed

High winds resulted in some power outages but the weather was much better than expected around the Truro area overnight.

It was 2C at 6:30 a.m., and today’s high will be around 3C, with snow or rain, and a low around -2C tonight.

Thursday will include flurries or showers, with a high around 4C, dropping to -2C overnight.

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Plenty of Pets

Dot is a senior Maltese mix who needs a home with someone who is home a lot.

Dot is about 11 years old and was recently spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and had a lumpectomy on her tummy.

She’s visually impaired, but does see shapes and shadows. Because of her age, her hearing isn’t as acute as it once was either, but she loves going for walks and car rides. She also loves to curl up in the sun on a chair or sofa

Dot gets along fine with small dogs, but needs a home with no children, or visitors, under the age of 16.

It takes her a while to trust people. When she first arrived at her foster home she wasn’t sure what they were going to do, and would sometimes growl and give a little snap to make herself feel safe, but she quickly became comfortable. She will growl is someone gets too close to her food.

Dot is housebroken but may have an occasional accident when she moves into a new home. She would love to be with someone who is retired or works from home, and can be with her a lot. She’ll reward them with snuggles and kisses.

For more information on Dot, visit Animal Rescue Coalitions at or or email

Tidal Times

The tidal bore will be coming in today at 11:23 a.m. and 11:50 p.m.

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