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Colchester: Little cats, big cats and Bearcats

Cat found in Debert.
Cat found in Debert.

It's going to be a wet one.

It was 6 C at 6 a.m. and todays high is expected to be 11 C, with rain- at times heavy. The temperature will drop to around -3 C overnight.

Tomorrows forecast high is 4 C, with a 30% chance of showers, and a low of -4 overnight.



The lights are flashing red at the Queen, Church, Logan Street intersection. The area should continue to be treated as a four-way stop while lights are flashing.


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Found Pet

This handsome cat was found on East Folly Mountain Rd,, Debert. He’s a long-haired- neutered male with a white patch on his chest. He’s well groomed and appears to have been well cared for loved. If this is your cat please call the Colchester SPCA at 902-893-7968.


Tidal Times

The tidal bore will be coming in at 1:47 p.m. today.

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