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Colchester-East Hants Library warns of overdue book scam

Colchester-East Hants Library
Colchester-East Hants Library - computer screenshot

The Colchester-East Hants Public Library is warning people about a scam after a patron was called by someone demanding payment for a book that was 51 years overdue.

“The woman, who is a regular patron, received multiple calls,” said Tiffany Bartlett, CEO of the Colchester-East Hants Public Library. “The caller was aggressive, so she felt something was wrong. As soon as they asked for payment, she hung up.”

Bartlett said the library does not take payments over the phone, and staff would be polite if they called.

She encourages anyone who is unsure about the legitimacy of a call purporting to be from the library, to hang up and call the local branch.

“If someone receives an aggressive call, please contact law enforcement, and let us know too,” she added

Tips for dealing with scams can be found on the Government of Nova Scotia website.

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