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Colchester County residents are wilting in the heat

No fans. No air conditioning. Stifling heat. These two ladies are struggling to cope with the hot weather – even as others soak up the rays.

Sandra Finney and her friend Linda Logan are fighting a losing battle against Truro’s seemingly endless heatwave.

On Wednesday afternoon, the two Truro residents came to Civic Square for some fresh air, seeking shelter from the sun on a bench under some trees.

“I’m getting tired of living like that – with my blinds closed, my windows closed, fans going – ah, feel the breeze,” said Finney as a cool wind on her face brought a second’s relief from the heatwave.

But the relief was short-lived as the two friends, both of whom have limited mobility, made their way back home under the blazing sun.

Logan walks with a stroller, while Finney only has one arm and one leg and uses a wheelchair. Neither have access to air-conditioning at their homes but they do use fans.

Logan said the heat was especially bad in brick buildings such as her apartment. Bricks trap the warm air, meaning sweltering days and nights with little if any break.

Finney feared passing out from the heat, saying it was a risk even if she drank water and stayed hydrated.

“Every once in a while, it gets so hot and then you have to get out too, get some air, you feel like you can’t even breathe right,” said Finney.

For some people, swimming would offer some respite from the heat, but Logan is leery of water ever since she nearly drowned in a gully when she was just seven years old.

But water was just what some local children needed to cool down, running through the splash zone at Victoria Park, or picnicking on the grass with their families.

One such child was Gage McGrath from Tatamagouche, running happily through the water jets and even sitting on one to cool himself down.

“I’m tempted to go in myself,” said McGrath’s mother Sammie Jo.

But little relief is in the offing for those having difficulty coping with the heat. Environment Canada says that Thursday temperatures will be 25 degrees Celsius, but the humidex will be 34, after which slightly cooler temperatures are expected.

For now, the entire province remains under a heat warning, as it has been for days, with the humidex consistently in the mid-30s.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Colchester County is also under a severe thunderstorm watch.

The ongoing heatwave in Nova Scotia and elsewhere in North America has already caused heat exhaustion and heatstroke, with children and elderly people most at risk.

Environment Canada says that people should drink lots of water and do what they can to remain cool.

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