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Colchester County comes through with funding for 4-H

4-H barn
4-H barn - Facebook

The County of Colchester has agreed to provide funding to help with the 4-H barn on the Nova Scotia Provincial Exhibition grounds in Bible Hill.

Earlier this month, county staff and the solicitor had some concerns around a clause in the 4-H barn lease agreement with the government. That agreement is for 99 years, but there is a clause that says the provincial government could tell people to leave the building within a certain number of days. Colchester County Mayor Christine Blair said solicitors for the government told her the clause is standard in lease agreements.

“We made a presentation to council and it went well,” said Lisa Patton, who is with Colchester County 4-H. “They agreed to fund it this year, and at the end of this month we should get $30,000. That will go toward lighting, rewiring and fixtures.”

Patton said 4-H members are excited about holding events in the renovated building, which has new siding, a new roof, extensions for wash racks and clipping areas, and new lighting. The outdoor ring has new fencing and new footing.

The renovations allow 4-H to set up a petting farm in the barn during this year’s exhibition.

“We’re really pleased to have the municipality as one of our sponsors, and we’ll have a wall of sponsors up for visitors to see when they come to the barn,” added Patton.

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