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Colchester - News and fun facts for World Penguin Day

Mike & Ike
Mike & Ike

It was chilly early this morning, but that’s rather fitting for World Penguin Day.

It was -4 C at 6:30 but lots of sun and a high around 12 C are expected for today. Tonight’s low is 3 C.

There’s rain in the forecast for tomorrow, with a high of 11 C, but it’s supposed to remain around that temperature overnight.


Plenty of Pets

Mike and Ike are a bonded pair who must go to a home together. These brothers are two years old and enjoy attention. When they arrived at the shelter they were suffering from an allergic reaction to fleas, which caused hair loss – especially for Mike. Once their hair completely grows in again they will be beautiful.

Mike and Ike can be seen at the Colchester SPCA.


Today’s news includes:

Truro homeless society in need of financial help

Colchester motorists observed using cell phone while driving

Timberwolves gain upper hand in MHL final against Bearcats

Sexual Violence Strategy funds 24 new projects provincewide

Stepping up: 365 days in a row on Jacob’s Ladder in Truro’s Victoria Park



Tidal Times

The tidal bore will be coming in at 11:53 a.m. today.



And to mark World Penguin Day here are some interesting facts:

The emperor penguin is the largest species of penguin, weighing up to 41 kilograms, and the little penguin is the smallest, weighing about 1 kilogram.

Penguins pant to release heat and stay cool.

They can drink salt water because they have a gland that filters the salt from their bloodstream.

Gentoo penguins are the  fastest underwater birds, able to reach speeds  up to 36 kilometers per hour.

Of the eighteen penguin species, five are categorized as endangered.

Penguins produce oil from a gland near their tails, which they use to provide a waterproof coat for their feathers.

-from National Geographic

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