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Car show brings back memories for local car lovers

TRURO - Something about the old leather interiors, roaring tail pipes and engines built for macho over mileage just seems to strike up conversations between old friends.

Blair Tattrie shows off his 1925 Ford Model T at the Ford Heritage Days car show in Truro last Saturday. Tattrie is a collector of older cars, starting from when he was handed down a 1924 Model T bought new by his father.

Such was the case at Hollis Ford last Saturday afternoon, as hundreds of people walked between the cars on display at the Ford Heritage Days car show.

While cars old and new were on display, it was the old relics of a different time that drew the most attention.

"I saw one over there just like I used to own," said Neil Hubley, a car enthusiast who made the trip from Dartmouth to show off his newer model Mustang. "It brings back some great memories, that's for sure."

The car, a 1969 Grand Torino in bumblebee yellow, reminded the former owner of younger and faster times.

"That car could really go," he said, recalling a time when he raced against one of the top drivers at a local track. "I pulled up to the line, and he pulled up next to me. I figured there was no way I'd win, but I had to try. Well, I got off the line in second gear without spinning too much, and once I saw he wasn't next to me, there was no beating me."

Hubley spent the afternoon swapping stories with buddies, including fellow Mustang owner Keith Chapman.

"I love the classics, but I'm into the new stuff too," he said. "As long as it's a Mustang, it's alright by me."

Chapman took the chance to show off his 2013 ride, while keeping his 1966 first generation ‘Stang home in the garage away from dark and cloudy skies.

Chapman has spent the summer showcasing the cars at any show he can make it to.

"It's the camaraderie of it that I enjoy," he said.

Showing off a real blast from the past, Tatamagouche's Blair Tattrie was busy fielding questions on his 1925 Model T.

Made largely of wood, the truck has gone through moderate restorations over the years, unlike another Model T in the Tattrie family.

"My father had a 1924 Touring, he drove it for years and then handed it on to me, and now it's in my son's garage."

The car is still in original condition, without any major restoration.

"There's not a scratch of paint left on it," Tattrie said with a laugh. "But it's still the same engine, and it still runs."

The event also served as a fundraiser, with money from hotdogs and hamburgers going toward the Onslow-Belmont Fire Brigade. Hollis Ford also donated $20 to the Boys and Girls Club of Truro for every person who test-drove a Ford.


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