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Business owner defrauded of ‘significant’ $$$ in phone scam

BIBLE HILL - Be very wary of any unsolicited telephone call requesting money, the RCMP warn, after a local business owner was defrauded of a “significant” amount of cash.

Cpl. David Simpson said a business owner on Wednesday reported receiving a call from a person claiming to be a representative of Nova Scotia Power (NSP).

The caller said they were sending an NSP disconnect team to the victim’s business because of an overdue power bill. The caller told the victim that the only way to stop the disconnect was to pay a percentage of the owed bill.

The caller then provided direction for the person to purchase a pre-paid credit card for a specified amount. The victim was told to call back with an authorization code, which would then cancel the planned disconnect.

Simpson said phone scams are become increasingly elaborate in order to convince the public of their authenticity and people should be extra cautious about unsolicited calls.

“We are asking citizens to treat all unsolicited phone calls from individuals and companies asking for money as suspicious,” he said. “Criminals will use reputable company names to earn your trust and then use that to commit a fraud against you.”

Other phone scams may tell you that you have won a lottery or a tropical vacation, but then require you to send cash or a money order before collecting your prize.

Simpson stressed that “personal or financial information should never be given out over the phone. Do not send cash or money orders and if you suspect something is not quite right, hang up immediately and either contact your local police department or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.”

For more information visit the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at

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