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Bob Gloade re-elected as Chief of Millbrook First Nation

Millbrook Chief Bob Gloade.
Millbrook Chief Bob Gloade. - SaltWire Network

Monday's election saw Bob Gloade re-elected Chief of the Millbrook First Nation.

Gloade defeated Lisa Marshall by a vote of 474 to 347, to return for his fourth consecutive term as chief.

In a Facebook post this morning (Feb. 26) Gloade said:

“Thank you everyone for your continued support in re-electing me as your Chief. I’d like to congratulate our re-elected councillors Barry Martin Sr, Alex Cope, Stephen Marshall, Bryan Brooks, Peter Gloade, Chris Nasson, Michael Stevens, Adrian Gloade, Colin Bernard, and Ward Markie. I’d Iike to also welcome our newly elected council members Barry Gloade and Gord Johnson.

Gloade suffered a heart attack earlier this month, but made a quick recovery.

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