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Bible Hill tax rates remain the same as last year

Bible Hill Village Hall and offices
Bible Hill Village Hall and offices - Google Earth

BIBLE HILL, N.S. – The Village of Bible Hill has not made any changes to its tax rates this year.

The residential rate remains at 70 cents and the commercial rate at 87 cents per hundred.

“The village commission felt it was important to try and maintain the same tax rates as last year while at the same time accomplishing a number of capital projects,” said village chair Lois MacCormick.

“The major project for us this year is the purchase of a new pumper tanker for the Bible Hill Fire Brigade.”

Tenders are being accepted until late June.

Bible Hill village clerk Bob Christianson said it could take a year from that time until the new vehicle is ready, but once it arrives the old one will be sold.

The village is cost-sharing with the County of Colchester for a sidewalk on the Bible Hill side of Village Line Avenue. Tenders are now being accepted and work is expected to begin this summer.

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