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Berlin Wall slabs in Truro moved to Bible Hill

BIBLE HILL - The Berlin Wall has fallen once more – sort of. The six panels of the former Berlin Wall that have graced a portion of Prince Street since the summer of 200 have been moved to the Nova Scotia Agricultural College.

Pieces of the Berlin Wall left Truro's downtown on Thursday. HARRY SULLIVAN - TRURO DAILY NEWS

“I’m very pleased,” said NSAC co-president Bernie MacDonald, as he watched a portion of the wall being unloaded at its new site.

“We took it through our various committees at the NSAC and we thought this was a good idea to help us appreciate our freedom as Canadians …,” he said. “It reminds us of the Cold War. The wall came down in 1989, which separated East and West Germany and all the hardship that that represented for people trying to escape to freedom and many of them lost their lives trying to scale the wall so to speak. And, also the separation of families. By bringing down the wall the families were able to come together and live as we would in other countries of freedom and democracy in the world.”

The cement panels that once made up a part of the Berlin Wall measure 12 ft. X 4 and are spray-painted with graffiti.

Their new home is located behind the Haley Institute at the college beside of section of the Cobequid Trial, which runs along the banks of the Salmon River.

MacDonald said the site will be professionally landscaped with hedges, shrubs and flowers and will be properly identified so people know what the panels are.

“We will put up a plaque that will explain to people, that may not know what these pieces are, so they would be informed as to what they represent and what they come from,” he said.


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