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2016 MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS: Chignecto-Central Regional School Board

TRURO - There are two candidates running for each of the District 8 and African Nova Scotia seats within the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board election.

Running in District 8 of the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board election includes, top row, from left, Sharron Byers and incumbent Susan MacQuarrie; bottom row, Tamara Tynes Powell and Glenda Talbot-Richards (incumbent) are both eyeing the African Nova Scotian seat on the board.

District 8


Sharron Byers

HOME: Truro

Operates a small commercial business with her husband in Tatamagouche.

* * *

Married to Ken for 49 years; three children, Stephanie, Jennifer and Thomas; four grandchildren, Adam, Ben, Christopher and Sara.

* * *

Sharron has 24 years of municipal government experience, representing Colchester County and the Town of Truro. She’s been a member of the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities board of directors; member of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities board of directors; was deputy mayor of Truro and served on other boards and committees.

Why she’s running: I have a personal interest in our children obtaining quality public education at all levels. The future of our children depends on an education that has prepared them for a life of diverse opportunities, which will only be possible with adequate funding, properly maintained facilities, qualified staff, and the availability of sufficient support services. By working together as a team, in conjunction with the Department of Education through Minister Casey, and open communication with community stakeholders, these goals can be achieved.


Susan D. MacQuarrie


HOME:  Truro

Has been a Chignecto-Central Regional School Board member since 2012.

* * *

Susan has two children; Connor and Chloe who are both attending university; Connor is at Dal AC in Bible Hill and Chloe just started her first year at University of Kings College in Halifax. 

* * *

In the spring of 2016 she was elected as a director of the Nova Scotia School Boards Association.

Why she’s running: I place an importance on listening, communication, transparency, exceptional customer service, sound judgement and understanding. I’m driven by my values, ethics and compassion for my constituents. Over the past couple of years many constructive changes have taken place at the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board but there is still work to do. I would appreciate another term to help implement the positive changes and support them moving forward.

African Nova Scotia


Glenda Talbot-Richards (Incumb.)

HOME: Truro Heights

Has been the African Nova Scotian School Board Member for the past four years.

* * *

Husband is Dave and they are parents of three adult children: Darrin, Tiffany and Nikki and grandparents to Dominic and Jared.

* * *

I’ve worked for the Chignecto Regional School Board both as a classroom teacher and as co-ordinator of African Nova Scotian Cultural Services, with the Black Learner’s Advisory Committee as a regional educator and with FutureWorx as an adult educator.

Why she’s running: I feel I’ve made a difference by bringing forth an Afro-centric perspective to issues around the table that have opened the door to deeper dialogue around difficult conversations. I am excited about the hiring of culturally responsive mentors which will open the door to courageous conversations at the board and school levels.

Having had the opportunity to see things from both the classroom and board perspective provides me with a greater understanding of the interdependence of schools, school boards, and government.

I feel I have the background to support issues that have been identified as needing further work.



Tamara Tynes Powell


HOME: Truro

Employed since 2009 as a Human Rights Officers at the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission.

* * *

Married, with two sons.

* * *

Why she’s running: Having a child diagnosed with a disability, I have had to advocate for him and challenge the school system in order for my son to receive the services that he requires that were not offered or made available to him.  This experience led me to want to help other parents and their children to access services they require without any systemic barriers restricting African Nova Scotian children from reaching his or her full potential.

If elected, my focus will not be restricted to racism, but will extend to any issue faced by African Nova Scotian learners. We live in a society where racism is not only shown by the actions and attitudes of people, but also ingrained in the structures of our society. Racism is systemic. When one of our students is having trouble at all, I want to know so I can help find a resolution, with the ability to bring opposing sides together, working towards a common goal, making sure our children reach their full potential.


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